venice red TO THE MOON (boxy fit)


"let's have lunch in Venice. let's talk about our love, friendship, memories and plans ahead. let's drink a good bottle of wine, enjoy the italian food, the view and the company"

This is the feeling we want you to feel while wearing our venice red TO THE MOON sweater.

Venetian folklore says: if a couple in a gondola kiss as they pass under each bridge, they will remain in love forever

Made from high quality cotton, perfect to start your morning rush in style or enjoy your hygge moments at home. In this sweatshirt you can make your magic happen.

Dit is onze loose oversized kortere fit! CHOOSE ONE SIZE SMALLER

about this sweatshirt

  loose/boxy fit: korter, breder lichaam en armen, lagere schouderlijn
  100% cuddle proof
  vintage look and feel

  we support fair wear
  60% cotton 40% polyester 100% magic



venice red TO THE MOON (boxy fit)

venice red TO THE MOON (boxy fit)