about us

meet the family

Every family has a story and so does ours! We’re a twin household – oh yes, double trouble – and we love it! And three years ago little bro, Jérome, joined our cosy tribe. Our hearts are full!
Life with kids is full of rainbows, stars and confetti, whether you’re a parent, a bro, a granny or an auntie. That’s why we design (t)winning collections for the whole clan.

We’ll make magic happen with these cotton embroidered sweaters, t-shirts, and matching swimwear made from ocean waste materials.
Minimalistic, yet with a big message. 

Cause the story of your family and friendship is even better when it's shared.

Magic vibes for the (t)win!


Valerie & Thomas - Gabrielle, Raphaelle and Jérome


the (fun) facts

smelly diapers since  27.09.16

  • we love to get up veeeery early in the morning to get the most out of each day

  • we’re crazy about all kinds of fruit - the more exotic the better. Our guilty pleasures: chips and crisps. Just love it! Even Brussels sprouts and olives, we can’t get enough! But cookies, no thank you!

  • apero time is our favorite moment of the day. We raise our glasses and say cheers to good (magic) vibes

  • do I hear a party? Dancing is our middle name!

  • we smile to everyone (ok, beach boys are our favorite) - instant crush guaranteed

  • happiness is laughing so hard you have to pee a little.